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Earning LEED® points

CAGBC LogoOwens Corning products are designed to offer a sustainable solution for your clients' insulation needs. Today the best and most accepted way to ensure your project's sustainability is to make sure it's earning enough LEED® points.

LEED® stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Essentially, it's a consensus-based system for rating the green credentials of a building based on its design, construction, operation, and certification. To help architects create sustainable and environmentally responsible buildings and development, both the USGBC and the CaGBC administer the LEED® rating.

Owens Corning products can help you accumulate LEED® points at several stages of the construction process. A building can earn points toward LEED® certification in Canada in several categories, including Energy & Atmosphere (EA), Materials and Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Air Quality (EQ), and Innovation & Design Process (ID). Our products can contribute to LEED® points in each of these categories, based on their R-values, higher recycled content, resistance to mold growth, reusability, durability, waste-reducing form and packaging, and sourcing proximity (manufactured near major transportation routes in Canada).

If you have any questions about securing certification, one of our LEED® specialists can help your project maximize its LEED® points.