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SSL II™ FIBERGLAS® Pipe Insulation

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SSL II®  To help lower operating costs of heating and cooling equipment, insulate piping systems in commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and process or power plants with SSL II™ FIBERLAS® Pipe Insulation. Molded from heavy-density resin-bonded inorganic glass fibre, its excellent thermal performance and low thermal conductivity mean lower operating costs. The paper-free all-service Evolution™ Jacket is over three times tougher* than standard ASJ. It does not support mold growth,** and is designed to have a finished job appearance, compatible with standard ASJ. The positive closure system has a double adhesive lap seal and a two-part butt-strip seal, providing effective, long-term vapour sealing of the joints. Positive closure is fast, neat and foolproof. There is no need for staples, which adds to job site productivity. SSL II™ FIBERGLAS® Pipe Insulation meets model code fire ratings. Also available without a jacket. 
  • Insulation for hot, cold, concealed and exposed piping
  • Withstands temperatures from 0°F (-18°C) to 850°F (454°C)
  • Excellent thermal performance and moisture resistance
  • Meets model code fire ratings
  • Easy to install with Evolution™ Jacket and SSL II™ Positive Closure System


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