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VaporWick® Pipe Insulation

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Help eliminate moisture caused by pipe condensation and keep costs down by insulating building and industrial facility piping systems with VaporWick® Pipe Insulation. VaporWick® Pipe Insulation’s specially designed wicking material helps keep insulation dry by using a material that absorbs condensed water from the pipe’s surface and wicks it to the outside. It maintains the temperature in pipes and keeps condensation off in below-ambient temperatures and dual temperature installations. The low thermal conductivity of VaporWick® Pipe Insulation means excellent thermal value, and at the same time, lowers operating costs at a favourable installed cost-performance ratio. VaporWick® Pipe Insulation prevents dripping and preserves infrastructure, allowing the insulation to perform effectively over the life of the project. VaporWick® Pipe Insulation is easy to install with the self-sealing lap seal. Positive closure is fast, neat, and foolproof. There is no need for staples or mastic, and VaporWick® Pipe Insulation adheres as easily to wet working pipes as new ones.

Standard Sizes

Insulation thickness Nominal pipe sizes
Inches (mm)NPS, in(DN, mm)
1 (25)1⁄2-32(15-300)
11⁄2 (38)1⁄2-32(15-300)
2 (51)1/2-32(15-300)
21⁄2 (64)2-32 (50-275)
3 (76) 3-32 (75-250)

For additional sizes, check with your Owens Corning representative.

  • Help eliminate moisture problems caused by condensation
  • Ideal for dual temperature applications (32°F/0°C to 220°F/104°C)
  • Helps keep insulation dry, and is mold- and fungi-resistant
  • Helps save energy and lowers operating costs; 20-year limited warranty
  • Easy to install with self-sealing lap seal
  • Apply directly to wet pipes without shutting down operations
  • GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified(sm)





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