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Non-combustible Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic System Our specially engineered acoustical insulation and building materials were developed by experts at the Owens Corning Acoustics Research Center and are backed by more than 40 years of noise control expertise. These materials offer significant efficacy in decreasing noise transmission through walls, ceilings and floors. As a result, they can enhance sound quality in theatres, concert halls and other performance venues. Owens Corning Insulation is listed and labeled by ULC.

Video: The Principles of Acoustics

Recommended Applications and Products:

Above Suspended Metal Ceilings/Plenums

Floor Assemblies

Reverberation Control: Surfaces in Public Spaces

No products are available for this application.

Steel Stud Acoustic/Fire Partitions

Wood or Steel Stud Framing on Concrete/Concrete Masonry Unit Walls